We want to be a perfect business partner for our clients, therefore we combine knowledge with imagination, to fulfill clients' expectations.

ZT Business Solutions is located in Wroclaw, Poland. Our main area of activity is software for manufacturing companies. Our first experience in the MRP/ERP area is dated on year 1992, when we were participating in the first MRP implementation in a large production company in Wroclaw.

Based on our experience in sales and implementation of ERP systems in manufacturing companies, currently we support our clients in the development of their proficiency in system's use and the delivery of adaptations. We offer our services as IT advisors and IT project managers.

Our products and services can be divided into few main categories:

  • Development and integration of existing business software
  • Design and implementation of dedicated applications for clients
  • Sales and development of B2B applications
  • Design of websites
  • IT consulting, including ERP systems, EDI communication, VMI

Always close to our clients.

Our client's satisfaction is the most important for us. The beginning of a business relation with a client is for us a period of learning client's needs and expectations to be able to find the best solution. We build the long-term business relations with our clients based on the common trust and common benefits. Our relations are our value.

More and more companies trust us. We are recommended as solid, honest business partners and advisors. We always help and advice our clients according to the highest standards of IT services. We are always on-place and on-time.

Our products and services are dedicated mainly to manufacturing companies. Some products are designed for specific branches, for example metal working, plastic or furniture; other are more branch independent. Some can be re-worked for another use or another target group, some can be designed from a scratch for a new use. We are always open for discussion and do our best to adjust our products to clients' expectations.

Always focused on top quality.

We offer standard solutions and very specialized adaptations. To meet expectations of the market, we created complex and continuously growing portfolio of products and services:

  • Platform B2B Plat4m
    It composes of four modules: NetBuyer, NetSeller, NetOutlet and NetSubcon.
    NetBuyer helps in better supply chain management based on an electronic data exchange between a buyer and their suppliers. In one place it is possible to manage orders, forecasts, deliveries, documents, labels and invoices. Everything in EDI or XML data format. New feature of our product is VMI.
    NetSeller allows management of massive sales networks or support for sales representatives. Integrated bundle of electronical data exchange formats guarantees fast clients' service.
    NetOutlet is used for reselling of overstocks and production leftovers. Thanks to that a seller gets rid of not needed stock and a buyer receives goods in a good price.
    NetSubcon matches manufacturing companies: those looking for subcontractors and those offering their services. In one place it is possible to manage open inquiries, dedicated inquiries, quotes, documents, negotiation processes and orders.
  • Web application MachineMaintenance
    The application composes of two parts: terminals for production workers and the machines maintenance module.
    The terminals for workers allow production reporting and are adjusted to various branches. They help in management of machines work time.
    The part for machines maintenance department can be used to plan technical inspections, report consumption of spare parts and manage breakdowns.
  • Integration and development
    The service is dedicated to clients that are not interested in changing their software, but they wish to equip it with new functions. We can offer adaptations and interfaces that increase capabilities of the software according to the expectations of our clients.
  • Hosting
    Our clients do not need to invest into their IT infrastructure, because they can use our servers' resources. Our server administrators take care of constant, not disturbed access to all applications, data safety, server's security, proper management of data and installed applications.

The detailed information is available in our brochures and catalogues. We encourage to contacting our team to get the most current and reliable information about our products, services and prices.