We want to be the ideal partner for our customers, so we combine our knowledge with ideas of the customers, which allows us to implement projects bringing benefits to the customers.

ZT Business Solutions is a company from Wrocław, which operates in the field of information systems for the industry. Our first experience with the MRP / ERP systems occurred in 1992, when we participated in the implementation of MRP system in a large manufacturing company in Wroclaw.
We sell and implement software for production and service-oriented companies, we offer post-implementation support and maintenance. We develop software used by the customer, advise them how to improve processes management based on the currently used software and we manage IT projects. We create and continuously develop our own applications, especially web-based.
Our offer can be divided into several main categories:
  • Development and integration of existing software
  • Creating applications
  • Sales, implementation and development of software
  • Business consulting based on the data from programs and databases
  • Websites design
  • IT consultancy with special emphasis on ERP, EDI, VMI

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our brochure and catalog of platforms.

We are always close to the business and our customers.

For years we are bound to our customers, solving their problems and focusing on their needs. We are pleased with the success and the growth of our customers and their interest in solutions that help them to approach the market or to optimize their supply chain management.

Our solutions, based on a thorough knowledge of the needs of the market and expected development of IT services, and cooperation with leading business applications developers, allow us to offer our current and new customers more and more. We encourage you to use our range of services and programs: to access our B2B platform Plat4m, to use its components, functions and resources.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The beginning of a business relationship for us is the process of getting to know client's needs, to best fit our solutions to the needs and expectations of the company. Our resources are partner business relationships.

We are recommended as a reliable and honest business partners and trainers. We rely on the professionalism of the services provided. We always offer help and advice. We are always on time.

ZT Business Solutions
Leszczyńskiego 4/29
50-078 Wrocław


Detailed information on products and services can be found in our brochures and catalogs. We encourage you to contact our consultants.