Flow or project management? Static workflow or highly variable environment?

DMS systems care for proper and effective management of tons of documents produced by other programs. They manage document's versions and allow parallel operations of several people on the one file. They watch that only the authorized persons have access to the information. But above all, they organize the work of a company with established information flows.

We have established a partnership with the Italian software company: ABLETech. Their DMS product is primarily used for archiving documents and e-mails, it contains an advanced search engine and access control mechanisms. It defines the information flow of documents in the company in accordance to established patterns.

Project management systems help companies that face difficulties in human resources management. Coordination of employees participating in various projects requires a very good planning and what is more: tracking a consumption of the budget and reacting to incidents. Good PM software saves the project manager many worries.

We have established a partnership with the German software company: HQLabs. Their PM product not only enables the management of multiple projects that use the same resources at the same time, it also contains an extensive CRM module. Employees have access to the program on multiple devices to be able to report the time they have spent working on a project, regardless of where they are located.

In the area of DMS/PM, we offer the following products and services:
  • ARXivar DMS services: sales, implementation, training, users support, process development, integration of software (if possible)
  • HQLabs PM services: sales, implementation, training, users support, analysis based on the data from the system
  • Other DMS software: integration of software (if possible)
  • Other PM software: integration of software (if possible)
  • Consultancy with particular emphasis on the security of information management

ARXivar integrates with e-mail, any source of documents (for example a scanner), photos and videos to provide employees the access to the necessary data. It allows the company to define business documents' templates, manages all documents emerging in the company. It enables simultaneous work of several people on one file and provides version management mechanism. It takes care of information security, protects against unauthorized access to files. It defines information flows within the company, along with operations which employees should perform in the phase of the document lifecycle. It has an interface to ERP systems.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with brochure of ABLETech company.

Software offered by HQLabs is primarily used to projects and customer relations management. It enables the preparation of an offer, transformation of the offer into the project, definition of resources, budgeting and cost control, risk analysis, issuing sales invoices. HQLabs offers its product mainly in the form of a web service. Most important: the program works perfectly with simultaneous realization of many projects and is extremely simple and transparent.