About ERP we know almost everything.

Since the very beginning the company has dealt with ERP systems. We went through the whole life cycle of such a system: the creation of specifications and programming, through tests, sales, implementation and development. We know both Polish and international systems.

On account of long-term cooperation with the Swedish company Monitor AB, Monitor ERP system has no secrets for us. We help to improve processes handling with Monitor ERP to companies that use it. Our priority in cooperation with our customers is to improve the resources management and reduct the costs. We have established partnerships with German software producers. In addition to our own products, we also offer applications of our partners.

In the area of ERP, we offer the following products and services:
  • Monitor ERP services: training, processes development, processes automation, customization, analysis based on the data from the system, system audits, integration with external modules
  • Jobdispo ERP services: sales, implementation, training, users support, analysis based on the data from the system
  • Other ERP software: analysis based on the data from the system, integration of software (if possible), external modules
  • Consultancy with particular emphasis on EDI, VMI. Development of ERP systems in the area of EDI communication with suppliers and customers based on our own B2B platform or ready interfaces.

Based on many years of experience in advising companies with Monitor ERP system, we show the clients how to improve their daily work. We assist in reducing the cost of operating the system, expanding functionality, adding missing elements to better map the processes in the company.

We specialize in the implementation of platforms for exchange of data between the Monitor ERP and other systems in its class. We have tools to automate users' activities, simplify everyday's user's experience. We design and implement a multidimentional data warehouses and conduct audits of the use of the system.

We integrate Monitor ERP with other programs, primarily external tools for production planning, visualization, machinery management, registration terminals. We write additional applications that work with Monitor ERP, based on a customer's request.

Very simple and easy to use ERP system for production. It works great in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Modularity of the system allows the company to select only those functions that it needs, for example registration terminals, detailed plans of orders for machines, advanced analytical module.

With modules for orders management, detailed production planning, real-time registration of workers and data from machines, and integration with other programs, Fauser offers a solution which is flexible, efficient and safe.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with brochure of Fauser AG company.