Recording terminals

Web application for work reporting by the production staff. Various configurations and add-on modules provide support for each type of production and supervising the execution of orders. The terminals can be integrated with ERP or MES software or the tools to visualize production plans.

The application is suitable for simple time reporting (start/stop machine) or detailed reporting of operations, units, parameter setting and reporting of control measurements. It is possible to add additional functions specific to a particular industry or a company.

Machine maintenance

Web application for faults management, inspections and setting up machines. It allows employees to work on tablets and mobile devices. It has a warehouse of spare parts and manage external documents. It improves communication between workers of maintenance department, informs them about incidents and assist the manager of the department in making quick analysis of the overall situation.

Production planning

Visualization of the production plan, quick response to changes in customer's demands and the availability of the material is the key to the success of any production company. To visualize a detailed production plan we have formed a partnership with German software companies Fauser AG and infoBoard Europe GmbH.

In the area of production management, we offer the following products and services:
  • Register terminals and machine maintenance services: sales, implementation, training, users support, development of processes, software integration, automation, customization, analysis based on the data from the system, audits
  • infoBoard services: sales, implementation, training, users support, development of processes, software integration
  • Other production related software: software integration (if possible)
  • Consultancy in the area of optimization of production processes in order to increase productivity and efficiency, taking into account the concept of Lean Manufacturing

With modules for orders management, detailed production planning, real-time registration of workers and data from machines, and integration with other programs, JOBDISPO offers a solution, which is flexible, efficient and safe.

We encourage you to watch the movie about the production planning in Jobdispo.

Planning panel of infoBoard allows the company to manage their production, operators, machines, orders and projects. It is the universal tool for visualizing planned actions, integrating all kinds of activities of the company.